Need support entering the job market?

Our process of support covers the following steps:
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Step 1: Gather Knowledge

Understand your work permit and the opportunities available to you.

Step 2: Prepare

Create a German CV, prepare for an interview, and improve your computer skills.

Step 3: Connect & Network

Connect with an employer who matches your talents and interests.

Step 4: Start Working!

We can support you in navigating the paperwork to start working!

In need of qualified workers?

SIR as the key to successful employment of refugees in your company!
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Matching Process

We will match you with a candidate(s) who meet requirements to successfully start in your company.

Hiring Process

We offer support and advice for companies to understand and successfully complete the hiring process.

Team Building

In cooperation with other initiatives we offer team building events for new and old employees!

Continual Support

In order to ensure both parties are happy with the match we stay in touch with both candidate and employer for the first year. After which we remain available.

What does SIR stand for?

Social Impact Recruiting
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Our Mission

To promote the integration of refugees into German society, through facilitating the connection refugees and employers with social responsibility .


Inclusion of weaker members of society who need more support in the labor market.


Responsibility of all organizations over its economic environment , their environment and society as a whole.


Building connections between refugees and employers.

SIR Integration Programs

Work is just one way to promote integration, check out our other offers of support!
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Building networks and creating friendships through mentoring with a focus on professional skill building.

Language Program

Language is a vital part of successfully starting a new life, in cooperations with companies we have a special 3 month language course focused on retail.

Basic Computer Training

Learn how to set up an email, email etiquette and improve your knowledge of MS Office Products.

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